Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Better late than never.

So I discovered craft blogs only months ago. 
I know, right?
I wasn't interested in crafting, didn't think I was good at it...anyways, and had NO idea craft blogs even existed.

When I first discovered the greatness that is craft blogging, I fell in love with hand stamped necklaces. 
I realize this was a trend earlier this year, but hey, I'm a newbie. And I wanted to give it a try.
I bought some 1/8 inch metal stamps from here (I also got uppercase but I like the lower better) They arrived a few days later, only to sit on a shelf untouched.
This morning, I went throught my husband's nut and bolt organizer and found some washers. 
Score! Free stuff to stamp!

Basically, you put the stamp against the washer on a concrete surface, and give it a whack or two with a heavy hammer. Then color it in with a sharpie and wipe off the excess. Easy. 
I had some sheer black ribbon and a clear bead that I got from my sister and added some clasps I got from from Hobby Lobby to the back.

Viola-I can wear my kids names without a tattoo (which I want, but the hubs isn't sure he want me to get...sigh).

This took about 5 minutes and is a great gift idea!  My mom's birthday is in less than 2 weeks and I do believe that she will be receiving a Nana necklace.  I will put hers on a silver chain and use a prettier washer/piece of metal though. 

I made my daughter one, too...but she's sick :( and isn't really feeling up to modeling.
I used a rougher looking washer on hers than I did on mine.

Today I am thankful (more than ever) for the internet. 


Emily said...

Oh shut up! This is awesome! I think these are adorable, but I never knew how people made them!

I may have anew crafty I need another one of those!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

Lovely! Who cares if they were hot a while ago or if they are the newest thing. They are made with love. And I love the lack of polish, or roughness, very appealing!

Melissa said...

I heart these! I am going to get a stamp set for Christmas. I love how yours turned out. Thanks so much for linking up.

Olivia Renn said...

I love these, and I've been looking to purchase some of those stamps but couldn't find lowercase ones I like. I going to buy them right now!
Thanks for linking up to Olivia Renn!

Shelley said...

Following from the blog hop. Hope you can follow back and check out my latest giveaw!! Love the neclaces.
God Bless,

Twisted Whimsical said...

I love them!!! So cute!! I actually have loved all of your crafts!! You are amazing, I am going to have to take up crafting!;)

Please leave COMMENTS! said...

I love them!!! So cute!! I actually have loved all of your crafts!! You are amazing, I am going to have to take up crafting!;)

Design It Chic said...

Hi Angie! They look so cute!!! I'm putting some stamping tools like this on Santa's list this year:)
I am now following you thanks to Welcome Wednesday, and it would be nice if you could share the love back on my blog;)
Plus, today we have some brand new tips to better our blogs, so make sure you don't miss that! Happy Wednesday!

Kara said...

Love them! You continue to amaze me with your craftiness:) The girls would love these, thanks for the idea.

Ashley Allen said...

Wearing it around her neck and around the house, Nana will never forget her name. ;)

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas! said...

Just gorgeous! I do the same thing when I buy something crafty - it sits on the shelf until I get inspired. You did a great job! I'd love for you to link it to my 'Sweets This Week' Link Party @


Chanin said...

Great job! These look fabulous! I have been wanting to try these myself soon!