Monday, August 16, 2010

Jessica Lynn Photography

I have a friend that is a photographer.

An amazing photographer.

Her husband works with my mom, and he saw me about 2 weeks before my son was born.  His said his wife would love to take some pictures for us, and a week later we were in her studio taking maternity pictures. From then I was hooked.  She has since done more sessions than I can count in my son's first year, of him, our daughter, our family.  I just adore her work. We have grown to be good friends, and I can't say enough about her!

For Mother's day, my dad told my mom that he wanted to hire her to do pictures of my sister and I, along with her kids.  We have had a crazy summer, and were finally able to get it done last week.  I wanted to share some with you, for those of you who live near me.  She is the only one I want to trust with my family's memories now.  

We started out with my sister and I. We haven't had our pictures made together in over 10 years.  Makes me sad, but I'm sooo happy we did it! Thank you dad!

Then us and our kiddos.

Finally the grandbabies
My beautiful neice
My lil diva (who wasn't enjoying picture day...)
My other sweet little neice
My little man.

Jessica has captures so many sweet memories for us.  Thank you for everything Jessica!

Click here to visit Jessica Lynn Photography, and here to check her out on Facebook, and become a fan.

Lil Man's 6 month pics
Lil diva's 3 year pictures

Jessica also took all of the pictures on my header and above my about me section.
*Jessica Lynn did not pay me for this post, and doesn't even know I am posting about her work.  I truely love her as a photographer and a friend!

Today I am thankful for good friends!

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Kenzie said...

The pictures are amazing! I wish I lived closer!