Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chocolate Coffee Toffee Caramel Ice Cream Pie (say that ten times fast!)

Chocolate Coffee Toffee Caramel Ice Cream Pie.
 (I couldn't come up with a better name.  I was too concerned with eating it.)

I was day dreaming about ice cream the other day. What you don't dream about ice cream? I do.
  I do NOT like coffee, but for some reason I decided coffee flavored ice cream would be good with other ingredients...particularily chocolate. Boy, was I right. I don't think being right has ever tasted so good.

You see, chocolate makes everything taste better.  You can't convince me otherwise, so please don't try.
Thank you in advance. :)

25 oreo cookies-crushed
4 tbsp melted butter
1 pint coffee ice cream
1 pint chocolate ice cream
3 heath bars
caramel sauce

Start by throwing 24 or 25 oreos in a food processor. No one will notice is you eat one of said oreos.

Give em a few good whirls around the food processor until they look like this.
(You can also put them into a zipoc bag and take your frustrations out on them with a rolling pin. Works beautifully.)

Pour them into a pie dish, and drizzle 4 tbsp melted BUTTER. (not margaring or veg. spread. Butter is better. That's going to be my new motto.)

Using a fork, blend the oreo crumbs and butter well and press into dish, including the sides.
Pop it in the freezer for an hour or so.

When they hour is almost up, remove your coffee and chocolate  ice cream from the freezer and let it soften a bit.

Spread the coffee ice cream onto the frozen crust. I used an offset spatula. 

Chop up 2 toffee bars (I used Heath Bars) and sprinkle them over the coffee ice cream.  Drizzle some caramel sauce on top.  (If your coffee ice cream layer is overly soft or soupy, pop it back into the freezer to firm up, along with your chocolate ice cream.  I had to do this. Somehow I forgot I was softening ice cream. If not, move on with your chocolate layer.)

Spread the chocolate ice cream on top of the coffee, toffee, caramel layer. 
Lick the spatula.
  Now chop up that last Heath bar and sprinkle it on top. Cover with foil and freeze it for atleast 2 hours.

Cut, and EAT.  

You can change up all of the flavors/ingredients to fit your favorite ice cream.

Today I am thankful for 100 degree weather that makes ice cream taste even better.

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