Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turkey Day Tees

My baby boy and I are still a little under the weather.  My little guy has a head cold, and his meds gave him some serious tummy/diaper I havent had time to craft or blog.  I promise I didn't forget about you guys!  My lil man comes first, though!  I hope y'all understand!

On with the Turkey T-shirt inspiration.

I have come across several super cute turkey t-shirts that I wish I had time to make. Since I don't, I thought maybe you guys might want to!

The first one that caught my eye is from Amy at Positively Splendid.
I love how girly and bright this one is!  You can find the tutorial HERE.

Next up is a cutie from Lindsay at The Cottage Home.  I can't get the picture to work, but go check it out!  With the right fabric, it could easily be made boyish! HERE is the tutorial.

Lastly is this adorable one from Angie over at Treasures for Tots.  It is made using your child's hand prints.  My daughter would love this!
Here tute can be found HERE. This, too, could be made for a boy!

Today I am thankful for Thanksgiving.  I love this holiday and the comfort it brings.  Nothing is more comforting than having family and loved ones gathered around tons of good food!


Please leave COMMENTS! said...

Just wanted to say "HI" and I hope you and your family had an amazing Thanksgiving!! Sure do miss you!!

House of Smiths said...

Thanks so much for your sweet compliment on my blog! :)
~Shelley Smith

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

You are missed!

Christy. said...

I keep checking for a new post... I hope you are ok! :)