Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hooded towel

A good friend of mine's son is having his 3rd birthday party today.

(Happy Birthday Boston!)

So, I made him a hooded towel this afternoon.  I love hooded towels.  My daughter is 4 and still insists on using one, but the ones in the store are teeny and thin baby towels (so I made her 2 for her birthday).  I used a full sized towel with strips of fabric sewn on, and hand towel covered with coordinating fabric. Plenty of room in there for a big kid!

I added a nice little pleat in the middle on the top so it would wrap around nicely.

I had some blank greeting cards, so I printed "three 5 times in different fonts and colors and added some scrap fabric from making the towel in a 3 and sewed it down with a zig zag stitch. Easy. :)  I like how it turned out. Simple, but cute! If he was a girl, it would have a ruffle on it.  I can't resist the ruffle, people. I've tried.

I printed the inside as well...but forgot to put who it was from. Fail.  Ha!

Today I am thankful for healthy kiddos.

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Kenzie said...

What a cute gift! I love the fabric that you used. And the card is adorable! Hope you had fun!