Monday, September 6, 2010

Quilt Update...IT'S DONE!

After finishing the front and back of my quilt, I wasn't able to even touch it until 2 days ago.  My daughter started pre-k, I'm helping my parents out while they remodel their is just busy for so many reasons.  I had it in the corner of my kitchen where I would see it everyday. Everytime I looked over there, I was dying to get it finished!  Saturday My hubby helped me lay it out and get it ready to baste.  While the kids were napping, I basted it, and got started quilting.  I LOVED quilting it...when my machine cooperated.  It kept skipping several stitches, and at one point the tension went whacko on me.  They quilting is SO far from perfect, it isn't even funny, but I feel so accomplished and proud that
I did it!

  I finished the quilting on Saturday and did the binding yesterday while the kids were napping.  Oddly, I really enjoyed doing the hand binding.  I am so anxious to buy the rest of the fabric for my daughter's quilt. I have been picking up fabric here and there that I love for hers. Hopefully I can start soon.  Life is getting busier though, so it may be a while before I can. :(

I want to say thank you to Care over at Obsessively Stitching for the easy and clear tutorials on making this quilt.  The gave me the confidence that I really can do this.  She has so many great projects and tutorials over there. Please go check her out!

Today I am thankful for my crazy busy life!  I wouldn't change a thing!


Please leave COMMENTS! said...

WOW!! Angie that is awesome!! I love the colors and the back is different from any quilt I have seen!! You totally amaze me at how talented you are, I love all your crafts you do! I can not wait to see what is to come!!

Angie said...

Thanks girl! You are such a sweetheart! Speaking of talented...have you SEEN the pictures you take?!? Now THAT's talent!!