Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Things didn't go as planned this year, but we had a wonderful time.
We spent yesterday with my in-laws in my husband's home town, and tonight made our way around to my granny's house, cousins, and friends. 

I made the kids each a treat bag. Mazi's had a ruffle around the bottom, and B Man's was the reverse of hers, only without a ruffle.  I'm sorry I didn't have time to get pictures of them. I was just excited to get pictures of the kids together cooperating!

I used scraps from making her costume and made a hair clip. She even had fairy hair!

Brady actually kept his hat on both nights.  Only problem was when he decided to pull the elastic as far as he could and let go. OUCH.

Our sweet friend sent me a text saying that she had special treats in the oven and that we should stop by.  These are what she had made! Adorable mummy cupcakes! Mazi was excited, and giggled when she ate the eyes. Haha! Thanks Lindsey!  These were so cute!

Today I am thankful for living close to our parents and grandparents and can spend holidays with them!


Kara said...

Looks like lots of fun. The costumes are beautiful!

The Jamison Family said...

They look precious! Great job on the costumes. Looks like they had a great time!