Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fun with vinyl!

I love vinyl.  LOVE. IT.  There are so many things you can do with it.  I thought I would share a few with you that I did while I was on my break from the blogging world.  The first time I used vinyl, I made the cute mother's day blocks, then the flower pots.  Next up, were these little cuties.  Thanks Alison from HowDoesShe for the awesome ideas! I just love these!
I made several so I would have a few baby gifts on hand.  It seems like everytime I put my kiddos down for a nap, someone rings the doorbell. So at naptime, I hang my little sign and viola! people stop ringing the baby-waker! Thanks for sharing  Alison!

Next, I made little vinyls for my kids' rooms.  Ya know, in case I forget who has a pink Paris room, and who has a Michigan Football room...
(Please forgive the icky pictures.  I have a new camera, no idea how to use it, and can't get my hands on the manual! :)  I used Cheri font in navy vinyl for the B, and Mandingo font in signal yellow vinyl for Brady's Room. 

Here is Miss Mazi's.  I used 101! Abstract DeZign font in black for the Eiffel Tower, and Cheri font in (I believe) lipstick vinyl for Mazi's room.  I have 3 shades of pink, and I don't know which is which. Ha!

I bought Mazi some great labels when she was using sippy cups that are little bands that go around the cup, are dishwasher safe, and awesome.  Anyways, with shipping, the little boogers are a little more than $20 for 4, and I'm rediculiously cheap frugal, and didn't want to pay that when I could surely come up with a solution.  I had some permanent vinyl laying around, and my hubs suggested I use it!  I have ran these babies through the dishwasher (top rack) several times, and the vinyl has lasted each time!  I love cheap solutions. And my husband...I think my crafting and vinyl addiction is rubbing off on the poor guy. Oh, and the font is Mandingo again.  It's boyish, yet still cute!

Can't forget Nana!  I had some scrap wood from making the please knock signs that I had gone ahead and cut, sanded, and stained-one a few inches larger than the baby signs, and 2 the same size.  I used the larger one for this, mod podged some paper on, slapped some vinyl on there, and this is what I ended up with.  I used Smiley Monster font (one of my FAVORITES) for the top and bottom, and Ms to try a bon? font for Nana. Easy, and Nana loved it! 

Lastly, I made this calendar.  I put the vinyl on the inside of the glass, so that the vinyl wouldn't interfere when writing on it with the dry erase markers, and cleaning it is a breeze.  I found the svg file for the calendar here.  I googled "free svg calendar" and it led me there.  Thank you google!  I used Bosshole font for The Smith's, and Dear Joe 5 CASUAL font for the days of the week.  I did all the cutting with my SCAL (if you don't have it, I recommend's the best thing EVER!). I used a 14x18 picture frame, so I fugured out what size I wanted everything to be, how I wanted everything placed, and flipped the design so it looked backwards. This made the vinyl sticky on the opposite side so that once it was cut, I could place it on the inside of the glass. I have been using a cheapo dry erase calendar on the side of my fridge, so I am really enjoying having a cute alternative! Here are a couple more pictures of it:

I also used some vinyl as a stencil to etch a set of glass bakeware for a wedding gift.  (I forgot to get a picture of it!! :( )  Ashley over at Make it and Love it had done some and they were so cute I just couldn't stand it!  I did their last name on several peices (on the largest cake pan, I did their name on one side with "made with love" on the other) their initial on a measuring cup, their last name in an arch 2 times on the bottom of a pie dish, separated by little circles (so that when you looked through the dish, you could read their name in a circle), and their last name on the glass bowl that came with it. When I was done, the entire set matched.  I also added some fabric to some hand towels, printed my 12 favorite recipes on index cards, tied it together with a cute ribbon for a complete gift!  It was the hit of the shower!  The entire gift cost me less than $35 (for the dishes, towels, and recipe cards) and I had people asking me where they can order a set for themselves! I had etched several things before, but this was definitly my favorite.  As soon as I make myself a set, I will post pictures!

Before I forget, I get my vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. They by far have the best prices I have found, super fast shipping, and it is the EXACT same stuff you buy from Cricut. Happy shopping, and ask your husband for my forgiveness when he finds out how much you bought! It's hard not to go crazy when the prices are so good. (Expressions vinyl is not aware that I am endorsing their product-I'm doing this on my own!  I love sharing a great deal! While you are there, sign up for their mailing list-they email you great offers and coupon codes!)

Also, my favorite place to download fonts is They have TONS of super cute ones.

Blessings to you and yours!


Kara said...

Angie, you have been blessed with such amazing talent! Thanks for sharing, I really want to try this. Okay, this is a stupid question you print out the font lay it on top of the vinyl and then cut? Or is there a different way?
Can't wait to try this!

Angie said...

Thank you, Kara! I cut the vinyl with my Cricut. Its a die cutting machine. Generally you need cartridges to cut designs or fonts, but I also have software called Sure Cuts A Lot that allows me to cut any font that I have on my computer, and any that I download. if you buy the machine in a craft store, they are really expensive. I have the Cricut Expression, annd I got it on Ebay for a great price (about $170 vs. $299 in the store, and the Sure Cuts A Lot runs about $75). It seems like an expensive hobby, but I have gotten soomuch use out of mine, and gift giving has been a breeze, not to mention inexpensive! I think my machine will pay itself off in no time. I can't say enough how much I love mine! There is also a smaller version of the Cricut, and one that cuts fondant....ooooh I want a Cricut Cake! You might also look into a Silhouette. Its Cricut's competitor, and I would love to get my hands on it, as well!