Monday, May 3, 2010

It's a new dawn, it's a new day...and I'm feelin' gooood.

Apparently I decided that I don't quite have enough on my plate, so I found myself here creating a blog! I am always inspired to create or bake after visiting my favorite blogs.  So, I decided I'd give it a shot and I hope to inspire at least one person to get their craft on, or to go dirty up their kitchen! Saturday while I was at our monthly moms-only Craft Day with a few friends, my hunksband and kiddos went out shopping for flowers. My in-laws came over Sunday and they spent the day with my hubs getting dirt under their nails, and getting some MUCH needed color in our yard. Meanwhile, I kept the kids busy  I played with the kiddos, put together my new Adirondack chair (thank you for my early mother's day gift, Smif!!) and cooked up some Pioneer Woman enchiladas. If you haven't ever tried one of her recipes...DO IT NOW! It will change your life...and your dress size. Seriously. P-Dub knows her stuff. Go here to check out her fabulousness. I even found the time to sew some ruffle-tush onesies this weekend. More on that later!  Here are some pics from our weekend. I will post pictures of our craftiness from Craft Day after mother's day since our crafts were dedicated to our mommas this time around!    But, for now...on to the pictures!

Here's Smif planting the lonely sprout of grass. ;)
It is pampas grass...they are actually really pretty once they are grown.

This is what it looks like with the fresh mulch. I am hoping that once it is grown it will look as good as what he is imagining. I am no landscaper, so I'm trusting the man.  But, right now, it looks like a random sprout of grass to me!

This is the corner flower bed that was a dirt bed for over a year.  The flowers are teeny right now, but hopefully we will be able to make them thrive with a little love and patence! Side note-all of the rocks/petrified wood that make up the border are things that my Granny made my Papa drag home on one of their many trips.  She couldn't resist, I'm glad because I have a piece of her in my "garden"! I love that lady!

We planted two of these trees last year after ripping out some icky apricot trees.  I loved the apricots, but oh boy, did they ever make a sticky, bug-attracting, mess in our yard. ICK. They are Autumn Blaze Maples and turn a beautiful, deep shade of red in the Autumn. LOVE.

These are all around the bottom of the maple trees.  I just adore the color of these! They are so vibrant!

This is our teeny little rosebush.It is supposed to get really big after a few years-fingers crossed! I haven't ever had a green thumb, so this whole planting flowers thing is risky business!  I am really hopeful that all of these little guys will really grow and be big beauties!

This is my early Mother's Day gift! I assembled it and painted it yesterday. I love how it turned out! That boring porch was in desperate need of some color.

I only posted this picture because of the lil' cutie hollering at me through the door.  Someone wanted his momma to stop fooling around and come inside! Oh, and if you have any suggestions on how to (inexpensively) revamp that oh-so-ugly mailbox, puh-leaaase send me your suggestions!


Kara said...

I am so happy you started a blog! Your garden is going to look even more beautful when all the flowers grow. You all did such a great job. I also wanted to say I love the angles you took on many of these pictures, you have such a natural artistic streak!!

Kori said...

Spray paint your mailbox- cheap and easy! We did that at our house in Lubbock. You could draw an S on it or something afterwards.

Angie said...

Thanks Kori! I have considered that. Only thing is that ugly silver metal thing goes through the front on the mailbox and would leave a couple of holes. I guess it's time to get creative! :)